Providing 21st century educational opportunities to students in 

low-income countries of the Caribbean and East Africa

An educational service of the

Erudee Foundation

Check out the Erudee Foundation's 90-sec video. Thanks for making this a reality for the students! The need continues and the opportunities are great. Please help them today, their future can't wait! Please share this page to help spread the word! Thanks!!!!​   

International Woman's Day 2019


Erudee Foundation is proud to Have Supported the Goals of International Woman's Day 2019

Thanks to you, students like Handla (Haiti) and Aimee (Rwanda) represent the new generation of women empowered through higher education!

 *How do you say that name? Well, The Foundation’s name is pronounced ERR-you-dee  derived from the Latin  eruditus, to mean “well-instructed and learned” and “to educate or train” and forms the  English word "Erudite".