The Student's Challenge

 Students in LICs seeking to pursue higher-level technical training face financial and educational roadblocks to achieving their goal. It has been well documented that with proper planning, citizens in LICs can improve their lives through education.  Higher education fosters higher skilled and more productive workers, who in turn increase  an economy's output of goods and services.   Investment in post-secondary education in LICs improves the local level of technical expertise, and this has a positive and genuine effect on economic growth. When there is a local source of educated people, there is a greater willingness to invest in social entrepreneurship.   Best-in-class higher educational institutions are available in our focus countries.   But the costs to enrol in these schools, while modest in comparison to educational expenses in developed countries, make them often unaffordable.  A qualified and dedicated student may not be able to devote full-time daytime hours to an advanced education because of work obligations to support family. Furthermore, many do not wish to leave their country to pursue their education abroad. The reality is that most do not have the financial or technical resources to begin the simplest steps on a journey that is taken for granted by thousands of students in developed countries.  This is where the Erudee Foundation has its impact.